Why Is Father God Unresponsive to Prayers and Requests?

He is depicted as an old man on a throne with lots of angels and the host of heaven around him. He never responds directly to anyone and in some religious views he has messengers to deliver your requests and then he may respond, according to the tenets you follow. He also has hundreds of names, many likenesses, and is considered the deliverer of nothing but good. In opposition there is the devil, one of his corrupted angels.

The story about him is rather pathetic when you think about it. He has no name and no voice and many consider him a puppet to his so-called son, Jesus Christ, or to the many prophets that have been devised. On a Christian web site these words recently grabbed my attention: “God came to earth and died for our sins.”

The amount of confusion that such claims add to the already foggy mix of dogma and make-believe leaves a nasty feeling for anyone who can think beyond the religious front. As a spiritual person with memory of my reincarnation and knowledge that there is only the Spirit of the Universe the mistaken concepts about God and the after-life are appalling. There is no heaven and hell so there is no old man up there ignoring the world and being outdone by Satan.

The image portrayed is the same as that of Zeus, the Greek God who inhabited the peak of Mount Olympus. He is often depicted seated with a thunderbolt or trident in his hand. He is the Greek sky god who fathered many other gods and so became father god.

He is also aligned with Jupiter, the Italian version of Father God. Request personal prophetic word His temple was the site used by Constantine to erect the Vatican and to enforce a parliament of priests and bishops to control his empire. He established his new religion in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea and invented Jesus Christ as the Son of God. It is this entity that many now attribute the power of God and thus the legitimacy of the above quote.

In the Sistene Chapel of the Vatican there is an image painted by Michelangelo of Father God. It was commissioned by Pope Julius II and so his features were those used in the depiction.

The picture of heaven that most appear to have is of something that looks like a city created by man. The king is in his throne and the messengers rush back and forth from the gate with requests of those wanting help. St. Peter (Jupiter) guards the gate and only those of Constantine’s religion are allowed in because it supposedly holds the keys. This is the basis of Father God and the reason he never answers anyone’s prayers or requests.

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