Sales Tips – Positioning Yourself

I suppose the best way to instigate some thought around sales performance would be to ask the following question. Have you ever wondered what is the major difference between an average sales person and a super sales person?

Just what is it exactly that separates two individuals who are each selling the exact same product for the exact same company using the exact same resources. I have over 16 years of experience as a Senior Sales Executive and throughout my time I have seen and heard many different ideas, opinions and most likely heard every single objection under the sun.

What has all of this experience lead me to believe? I have summarised my answer in one clear, concise paragraph below.

“You will never be able to sell anything to someone who has no present need for your product or service. Your best course of action is to first position yourself to as many potential prospects as possible as an expert in your particular field, let them not see you as a salesman but rather as an expert in their industry, someone they turn to for guidance.”

The most important part of the process is to maintain regular communication with your prospects and strategically begin to position your information so that in time you will begin to uncover your prospects real needs and wants, thus arousing a buying opportunity.

To put it simply you are better served to first introduce yourself and your area of expertise to your prospect, do NOT attempt to sell anything to them, your only focus should be on developing a relationship whereby once the prospect has a certain level of trust in your expertise their need for your product will magically appear and you will no doubt be the first person they contact.

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