Organic Hazelnut Oil – 250ml

Hazelnut ! Hazelnut ! Hazelnut.. You all must have heard about this nut, used in chocolates, cakes, puddings, cookies or ice creams. Here I am not going to talk about some Hazelnut recipe, But, about HAZEL NUT OIL, and its medicinal value for SKIN and HAIR. But, a little Caution , Please !!!! Beware!!
If you are allergic to Nuts. Do not use it.

Its modern use from Bakery to Skincare. Hazelnut Oil Hair  does wonders for the Oily skin.
The most ahh-mazing way of cleansing the face.
Due to its Astringent property, it cleans Sensitive, Acne-prone, Dry and Flaky skin.

You must be wondering, HOW?
The Polyphenols ( a nutrient ) soak up oil from the pores, thereby reducing Acne and Blackheads.

Hazelnut is a great addition to a lotion bar to cut down on the greasy feeling.
The Vitamin E content keeps the skin glowing and healthy. It also improves Skin complexion. It de-tans and improves the elasticity of the skin.
In short, it hydrates the skin.
It also aids in healing Scars and Marks.
It is enriched with Vitamins A, B, E, Proteins, Oleic Acid and Linoleic acid.
It is useful for treating Dry Lips. Use it as a Lip Balm and see how it locks the moisture in.

To retain the color and moisture of the Hair, The best deal is Hazelnut oil.
It locks in hair color
It is a natural Hair Strengthening Serum
The protein content helps strengthen weak and Frizzy Hair.
It adds volume to Hair.
It protects against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

So, now you know that Hazelnut is a multipurpose Herb. Used for culinary purpose as well as for nurturing or grooming your Skin and Hair. One must give it a try. You will fall in love with Hazelnut Oil as with the nut itself.

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