Clothes for the Short Ones: Tips On How Short People Can Choose Their Clothes

It is often a challenge for short people to find clothes that they like. They are usually constrained by available sizes of clothes that can fit them because they are not many fashion designers’ favorites. Many fashion designers design clothes for the ideal tall and slender people. Clothing size for these people is called regular size and have sub sizes like; small (S), medium (M), and large (L). There are few designers who are mindful of short people and have them in mind when designing clothes. The sizing charts for clothes from these designers have size labels such as; petite small (PS), petite medium (PM) and petite large (PL). Short people can make selections of their clothes from these designers’ collections. They may also be able to find fitting sizes from the small size sections of other designers’ collections.

Use Clothe Alteration Services in Your Neighborhood

There are some tailors that offer clothing alteration services, they are often attached to some laundry-marts, and some such services leave their contact information with some brick and mortar clothing stores in their neighborhood. If you buy clothes such as; pants, skirts or jackets that are a little too big or too long for you, do not hesitate to take them to any of the clothe alteration services in your neighborhood to have them make the necessary changes for you.

As a short person, it is necessary for you to be very Very G footwear selective of the styles and designs of the clothes you wear. You don’t have to wear trending clothing styles because other people are wearing such styles, you have to be conscious that you are a special person, and so you don’t have to move with the crowd. Wear clothes that emphasize your body type and shape. Avoid clothing styles that may amplify your shortness such as oversized clothing or clothes that are too tight. Either of these two clothing styles will amplify your shortness.

Use Your Body Type and Shape to Determine the Styles of Clothing You Wear

Choose the style of the clothes you wear based on your body type and shape. Try to wear clothes that emphasize the most prominent part of your body. If you have large hips, wear pleated skirts or pants, with matching tops or blouses to emphasize this part of your body. You will also look very good in a jacket over a simple dress. If you have large burst avoid sleeveless and low cleavage tops and blouses, instead wear simple stylish tops and blouses with short sleeves. If you have a straight body, with your burst and hips basically the same, you may comfortably wear any style of clothing you want. You may wear long stylish dresses, straight skirts, or pleated skirts, pants and appropriate tops or blouses, but avoid too short dresses or skirts that might emphasize your shortness

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