Summer Ends When Yellow Butterflies Gather – Get Ready to Run!

It’s been a long, hot summer and running has felt more like being roasted alive than having fun. It was a duty and a chore, reminding yourself things would get better. It was running enough to keep in shape but not falling out with heat stroke. Summer is not my favorite time of year to run!

There are several hints of the changing seasons. The mild nights, lower humidity, and days slowly growing shorter. One of my favorites in this part of the country is the Sulfur butterfly. When you see this bright butterfly flitting through the yellow Goldenrod and purple Ironweed, it is time to prepare for autumn’s races. The milder temperatures and lower humidity are so much more comfortable to runners! Autumn is that glorious time of crisp air and fiery leaves. The Sulfur butterfly days are the bridge of time between the heat and humidity of summer and those cool autumn days.

This time of year there are races popping up everywhere. You can find a 5K race almost every weekend if you are inclined to run one that often. They usually benefit different charities or causes, so pick your favorite ones and have fun while supporting them. Most of them give all entries a t shirt, so you could also replenish your collection while having fun and helping a good cause! A win for everybody whether you win or not.

It won’t be long before winter comes trundling in with it’s need for layers and gloves. Enjoy these mild Sulfur butterfly days while they are here. In a blink of the eye they’ll be gone. The yellow butterfly meaning butterflies gone to wherever they migrate to survive the winter. The mild days gone to where our used days go. Get out and breathe the fresh air and move through the mild breezes. These days are the reward for hanging tough all summer. Don’t waste them! We may have to be responsible grownups most of the time, but don’t forget to play. It will keep life in your years.

I saw a flock of Sulfur butterflies dancing in the sun. Look outside and see if you can spot them. They are saying, “Come and run!”